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Prognostic Cloud Condensate with new Convection and new Radiation with latest analysis
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Environmental Modeling Center scientists
Shrinivas Moorthi, Ken Campana, Peter Caplan, Yu-Tai Hou, Mark Iredell, Hua-Lu Pan, Suru Saha, Russ Treadon, Glenn White
Abstract (including Motivation, Hypothesis and Method)
A number of improvements to the operational global model are slated for implementation in 2001. The motivations for these changes are
  • improved link between precipitation physics and clouds and radiation physics
  • improved analysis
    The saturation vapor pressure calculation is now made with respect to water, ice or mixed phase depending on temperature. The weight given to moisture constraint limit is reduced by one order of magnitude (i.e. from 1.0 to 0.1) The upper level moisture constraint limit is set to 100% relative humidity.
    The forecast model now includes prognostic cloud condensate. Fractional cloud cover is calculated diagnostically from the cloud condensate. The shortwave radiation is modified to take advantage of predicted cloud condensate path directly. A new aerosol scheme is also added to the shortwave radiation with monthly mean climatological aerosol distribution. The new convection scheme is the multi-cloud version of the SAS with momentum mixing; this is the same convection scheme that was in the PRX in September.
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    Evaluation of parallel results
    Daily forecast maps by Pete Caplan
    Daily forecast stats by Pete Caplan
    Verification of precipitation by Hua-Lu Pan
    Verification against rawinsondes timeseries by Suru Saha
    Verification against rawinsondes horizontal maps by Suru Saha
    Verification against rawinsondes vertical maps by Suru Saha
    Daily forecast maps for Hawaii by Bob Kistler
    CAFTI presentation
    CAFTI presentation (TDL)
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