Global Parallel Experiment Log

Experiment Name
T254 L64
Parallel Slot
Control Slot
Start date of parallel experiment
End date of parallel experiment
Environmental Modeling Center scientists
Mark Iredell, Hua-Lu Pan, Shrinivas Moorthi, Bob Kistler, John Derber, Weiyu Yang, Russ Treadon, Dave Parrish, Peter Caplan, Suru Saha, Glenn White
Abstract (including Motivation, Hypothesis and Method)
The only difference between this experiment and the original PRX is that this experiment has all the changes listed in the PRX change log up through 2002/01/11, including background error fixes and stratosphere diffusion changes.
Experiment changes log
Implementation changes list
Product changes list
Background links
Evaluation of parallel results
Daily forecast maps by Pete Caplan
Daily forecast stats by Pete Caplan
Verification of precipitation by Hua-Lu Pan
Verification against sondes and aircraft timeseries by Suru Saha
Verification against rawinsondes horizontal maps by Suru Saha
Verification against rawinsondes vertical maps by Suru Saha
Daily forecast maps for Hawaii by Bob Kistler

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